Personal ISDN Plan: 64 kbps ($41.95/mo.) or 128 kbps ($71.95/mo.) includes Unlimited* Internet Access, One Mailbox with unlimited E-Mail Messages, Newsgroups, WWW Home Page (personal, simple design). FREE Spam & Virus Protection. $14.95 setup fee. Plus tax.
Business ISDN Plan:   64 kbps ($41.95/mo.) or 128 kbps ($71.95/mo.) includes Unlimited* Internet Access, One mailbox, unlimited E-Mail Messages, Newsgroups. FREE Spam & Virus Protection. $14.95 setup fee (waived for Connecticut Businesses). Plus tax.
* Unlimited accounts may remain connected to the internet as long as the computer has a human operator at all times. Unattended computers must not remain connected to the internet. Computers may not be configured to allow another computer to access your computer while connected to the internet. Access may not be resold or transferred to others. Multiple logons from one dialup account is not allowed.  Violators may have their accounts terminated. Spamming is not allowed. Violators will have their accounts cancelled and forfeit any credit that may be due.
A note about email. We cannot be responsible for lost, deleted or corrupt email. This includes read as well as unread or stored/moved messages. Email messages will be removed from 'inboxes' periodically to clear up disk space. We will leave a minimum 30 days of messages. 
Payments are due on or before the 28th of each month. All late payments will incur a 1 %  per month late fee. All over due accounts risk being disabled and will require payment in full before they can be enabled. A reactivation fee may be imposed to disabled accounts. If you wish to cancel your account, you must notify CTConnect before the end of your current paid-for month to avoid being charged for the next month's service.


For more details or information on any of the
services we offer, please e-mail or call us at
203-924-1200 or Toll Free 877-734-6600.